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VIRGO 23 aug - 22 sep
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

The Moon helps you focus on your emotional foundations and practical aspects of your love life or a special bond. But try not to get carried away with a bigger picture emerging. Your Virgoan eye for detail is needed in the present! Single? You could gain a better understanding of the romantic connection you want. Stepping outside a comfort zone is how you'll find or create it.

funny notes about signs

Zodiac signs as trisha paytas videos


taurus: i′m a chicken nugget

gemini: i′m going insane

cancer: i met a boy online tonight he real?

leo: showtime

virgo: i′m an illusion

libra: a vampire is stalking me (not clickbait)

scorpio: let′s talk sociopaths...

sagittarius: i have a concussion right now

capricorn: anxiety + runny diarrhea

aquarius: let′s talk scientology

pisces: is something wrong with me?