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TAURUS 20 apr - 20 may
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

With Mercury no longer in retrograde motion in your career sector but returning next month, there is a chance to look to the future while benefiting from having had a chance to spend time back at the drawing board. With the Moon returning early next week as a New Moon, this is giving you time but also a chance for now to keep your mind and your options open.

funny notes about signs

The signs as shit my classmates have said this school year

Aries: *unintelligible screaming during Kahoot*

Taurus: oh so you think you′re so cool cuz you have a face

Gemini: you don′t know who i am. you know what bus i ride, but not who i am

Cancer: i′m gonna tickle the shit outta you

Leo: shut the fuck up, there′s a reason why you′re fucking bass clarinet 2 and there′s only ONE of you

Virgo: i work at mcdonalds AND computer technician

Libra: repeat after me: pussy

Scorpio: i′ve lasted as long as i have on this planet by not trusting anybody

Sagittarius: *holds up gatorade bottle* this is called alcohol


Aquarius: *drinks out of the eye wash station in chemistry*

Pisces: making bonds, losing bonds, james bonds