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TAURUS 20 apr - 20 may
Saturday - June 25 th, 2022

Confidence replaces doubts and uncertainty, especially when speaking your truth to a lover or potential sweetheart. Even if you've had seemingly valid reasons to play it safe, a heightened sense of adventurousness could help you throw caution to the wind. Whatever you want to say to a lover or someone special, saying it like you mean it promises a passionate reward.

funny notes about signs

The signs as things my friend said when she was drunk

Aries: i′ve been on the floor for twenty minutes, this sandal next to my head is now my friend

Taurus: i′m so-" *hiccup* i forgot

Gemini: i′m gonna throw up *grins*

Cancer: my pants are unbuttoned. but they′re not off. my pants are unbuttoned but i didn′t take them off?!

Leo: *stares at a picture of the solar system longingly* look at that preTTY PRETTY PICTURE

Virgo: *breathes heavily* i just burped

Libra: great now i really want pancakes *sighs*

Scorpio: *points at giant picture of moon on the wall and then points to small picture of milky way in a book* HOW DOES THAT FIT THERE

Sagittarius: *breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth* i feel a bit, sick *tips head back*

Capricorn: *burps and then gets scared from the loud noise* what was that

Aquarius: i took it from the adult table it smells so alcoholic

Pisces: im so- *hiccup* i forgot