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TAURUS 20 apr - 20 may
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

There are times when we try too hard to create picture-perfect circumstances before taking a bold step. But you could be in more of a 'better place' than you think you are to inject a new lease of life into what has possibly intrigued you for a while. Accept the cosmic nudge to open your mind to new possibilities. The more willing you are to embrace these, the sooner you can take that step!

funny notes about signs

You know the signs are mad when they say...

aries: i'll never forgive you for this taurus: i did nothing wrong
gemini: i don't care what you think, my opinion is better
cancer: i'm sorry, but the way you're acting is ridiculous. you remind me of an elementary schooler.
leo: excuse me? do you really thing you can do this to me after everything i've done for you?
virgo: you're one to talk.
libra: leave me alone. i don't want to talk about it anymore
scorpio: oh yeah? well let's not forget the time that you ... asshole
sagittarius: they most likely won't say anything, they'll just storm away
capricorn: you're a disappointment.
aquarius: you don't control me. you can't make me do anything
pisces: whatever, it doesn't even matter anymore.