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TAURUS 20 apr - 20 may
Saturday - June 25 th, 2022

funny notes about signs


Aries: Kill your local fascist uwuwu

Taurus: OP is a TERF

Gemini: Stop harassing me I′m literally a minor

Cancer: ccr y typingg,,

Leo: Don′t follow me if you identify as me

Virgo: Anyways, bad post

Libra: All your favorite characters are asexual demigender panromantic I′m sorry I don′t make the rules!!

Scorpio: Down with cis/die cis scum

Sagittarius: Don′t follow me if you believe in reverse racism, reverse sexism, or reverse homophobia

Capricorn: Lol please go play in traffic. TW: death

Aquarius: OP is an aphobe

Pisces: Yikes,,