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SCORPIO 23 oct - 21 nov
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

When you emit an attractive vibe, it goes way beyond intriguing! You have magnetic confidence on offer now that could transform your emotional world if you harness it carefully. Your intuition is sharpened as well, helping you anticipate a lover's or potential paramour's needs before they're aware of them. This might be 'all in a day's loving' to you, but mindblowing to someone else!

funny notes about signs

The signs as things my friend said when she was drunk

Aries: i′ve been on the floor for twenty minutes, this sandal next to my head is now my friend

Taurus: i′m so-" *hiccup* i forgot

Gemini: i′m gonna throw up *grins*

Cancer: my pants are unbuttoned. but they′re not off. my pants are unbuttoned but i didn′t take them off?!

Leo: *stares at a picture of the solar system longingly* look at that preTTY PRETTY PICTURE

Virgo: *breathes heavily* i just burped

Libra: great now i really want pancakes *sighs*

Scorpio: *points at giant picture of moon on the wall and then points to small picture of milky way in a book* HOW DOES THAT FIT THERE

Sagittarius: *breathes in through the nose and out through the mouth* i feel a bit, sick *tips head back*

Capricorn: *burps and then gets scared from the loud noise* what was that

Aquarius: i took it from the adult table it smells so alcoholic

Pisces: im so- *hiccup* i forgot