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SAGITTARIUS 22 nov - 21 dec
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

At the same time that the money gods are getting ready to release the pause button on the income front, there is some positive energy on the income and job fronts today. A friendly aspect between Mercury, in his early days back in your income sector and the dwarf planet Ceres, in her final days in your work sector is a repeat but with a lot of water having passed under the bridge on both fronts.

funny notes about signs

Can you feel my heart?

I′m scared to get close, yet I hate being alone: Pisces,Sagittarius,Taurus I′m long for that feeling to not feel at all: Aries,Virgo,Capricorn
The higher I get, the lower I sink: Leo,Libra,Cancer
I can′t drown my demons,they know how to swim: Aquarius,Scorpio,Gemini