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SAGITTARIUS 22 nov - 21 dec
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

The Moon in your sign might remind you of how long it has been since you've indulged in proper self-awareness. This could result in you seeing yourself in a new and more inspiring light, too. But don't shy away from assessing a particular direction you're heading toward and if this tallies with what you believe your life's path to be, either. Bask in enlightenment on offer because it's tailor-made for you!

funny notes about signs

Lucifer (pride) - Leo, Aquarius
Beelzebub (envy) - Gemini, Virgo
Sathanus ( wrath) - Aries, Sagittarius
Abaddon (sloth) - Pisces
Mammon (greed) - Capricorn
Belphegor (giuttony) - Taurus, Cancer
Asmodeus (lust) - Libra, Scorpio