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LEO 23 july - 22 aug
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

funny notes about signs

The signs as out of context quotes from my teachers/professors

ARIES: I said you could chew gum, but not if you′re going to chew it like a cow. SPIT IT OUT.

TAURUS: I′m losing faith in you, George.

GEMINI: *sings* Bitching and moaning, bitching and moaning.

CANCER: I′m supposed to go out and PROCURE cookies?? WHAT??


VIRGO: Here′s a very common quick and dirty way to ask a multiple choice question.

LIBRA: I don′t care about 98% of things.

SCORPIO: This meme from the interwebs.

SAGITTARIUS: I would use all sorts of swear words in front of my students. Especially the f word! Love that one!

CAPRICORN: I should stop drinking before noon.

AQUARIUS: Oh dear god, that man is always shirtless!

PISCES: This is why I need aspirin after this group.