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GEMINI 21 may - 20 june
Saturday - June 25 th, 2022

Conversations with a lover or potential sweetheart could take an interesting turn. Mercury in your sign links with 'bring it into the open' Pluto, and a revelation or new perspective awaits. An exchange with the object of your affections or someone close could bring insights that transform how you think about something – or possibly them.

funny notes about signs

how are you?

aries: shoot me
taurus: i′m hungry
gemini: i′m bored
cancer: great! :)) and you?
leo: *stares blankly*
virgo: *rolls eyes*
libra: good, thank you.
scorpio: *glares*
sagittarius: *starts laughing hysterically*
capricorn: how are YOU?
aquarius: B-)
pisces: wonderful. :)