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GEMINI 21 may - 20 june
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

Having a parachute where one is likely to be helpful is one thing. However, knowing how to use it is another. We know skilled, immaculate timing is needed to release it. Similarly, you might sense you're protected in some way now. You may also need to have more faith in choosing the right moment to do what daunts you currently. But the cosmos suggests it's worth getting ready for that step!

funny notes about signs

The signs and what they fall in love with

Aries: compassion, passion, caring words, thoughtful gifts
Taurus: meaningful moments, passionate, conversations, pretty smells, common interests
Gemini : kept promises, stargazing, deep talks, trust, honesty
Cancer: sweetness, honesty, pretty eyes, emotional trust
Leo: calm counterparts, veracity, entertainment, late night movie marathons
Virgo: vulnerability, peace, gradual relationships, communication, quality time, sensitivity