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CAPRICORN 22 dec - 19 jan
Saturday - May 28 th, 2022

'If I could save time in a bottle.' Jim Croce's hit song of many years ago may be relevant now. You could, understandably, believe time isn't on your side in the way you wish it were. Of course, time isn't really on anyone's side. But if something or someone close to your heart doesn't receive the attention you feel it or they deserve, rearranging your schedule or priorities could offer an ideal solution.

funny notes about signs

You know the signs are mad when they say...

aries: i'll never forgive you for this taurus: i did nothing wrong
gemini: i don't care what you think, my opinion is better
cancer: i'm sorry, but the way you're acting is ridiculous. you remind me of an elementary schooler.
leo: excuse me? do you really thing you can do this to me after everything i've done for you?
virgo: you're one to talk.
libra: leave me alone. i don't want to talk about it anymore
scorpio: oh yeah? well let's not forget the time that you ... asshole
sagittarius: they most likely won't say anything, they'll just storm away
capricorn: you're a disappointment.
aquarius: you don't control me. you can't make me do anything
pisces: whatever, it doesn't even matter anymore.