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CANCER 21 june - 22 july
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

Promising passionate possibilities exist if you play your part in getting in sync with someone special. This involves nurturing a bond and exploring love and intimacy beyond boundaries or depths you may be used to. Single? A more open and rejuvenated mindset supports a desire for companionship. A new passionate direction awaits, and the planets support your efforts!

funny notes about signs

The signs and who kills them

Aries: a gemini, possibility in cahoots with a scorpio
Taurus: a scorpio
Gemini: immortal
Cancer: a capricorn
Leo: a capricorn
Virgo: an aquarius
Libra: a capricorn
Scorpio: a libra
Sagittarius: a capricorn
Capricorn: cannot be killed
Aquarius: a virgo
Pisces: an aquarius