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ARIES 21 mar - 19 apr
Friday - January 28 th, 2022

With Venus at a standstill in her last full day in retrograde motion in your career sector and Mercury slowing down ahead of his direct turn in 10 days, the professional gods have hit the pause button. However, not for long, with Venus turning direct just minutes before the Moon's return tomorrow and Mars ready to move things forward at the first chance he gets. Make the most of a chance to catch your breath before the pace picks up.

funny notes about signs

Worst feeling for the signs

Aries: anger
Taurus: neglect
Gemini: judgement
Leo: faliure
Libra: betrayal
Cancer: embarrassment
Virgo: exhaustion
Scorpio: depression
Sagittarius: heartbreak
Capricorn: loss
Pisces: loneliness