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Funny notes about signs
  • The signs as stuff people in my creative writing class have said

    Aries: God bless A-FUCKING-merica.

    Taurus: Turn off the music, Mae, we′re trying to pray to Steve Bushemi.

    Gemini: Hey, here′s a new rule: shut up.

    Cancer: I′m gonna go rescue that bird.

    Leo: I′m always a slut for being a slut.

    Virgo: No swearing in my classroom.

    Libra: Marshall is triggered by pasta.

    Scorpio: Who else likes to sodomize Jesus?

    Sagittarius: How am I going to get into the NFL now?

    Capricorn: I HATE 13th century France.

    Aquarius: Don′t kinkshame Emily Dickinson; she′s not here to defend herself.

    Pisces: We can′t scream while Sarah′s here.

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