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funny notes about signs

He Signs As Things I Did As A Child When I Was Crushing: ( I′m an Aquarius sun / Cancer moon / Aries venus btw )

Aries: asks them to hangout

Taurus: looking through your camera roll to look at pictures of them

Gemini: talks too much and second guesses everything later

Cancer: brings them candy (the key to affection)

Leo: picks out outfit the night before

Virgo: observes how they treat their family

Libra: makes jokes about peanuts

Scorpio: hugs them tight and lets go

Sagittarius: sits by them at functions

Capricorn: watches them dance with someone else and sits in self-pity (yo yo the 1975 reference aye)

Aquarius: refuses to accept that you′re infatuated because feelings are weAK

Pisces: stays up all night thinking about them