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characteristics of signs by date of birth

Each sign of the zodiac has its own characteristics common to all, allowing, to some degree, to judge the capabilities of a person

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characteristics of signs by date year of birth

The characteristics of each sign of the Zodiac on the eastern horoscope is given in accordance with the year of their birth. Depending on the year they were born, a person is endowed with the qualities of this sign, has the appropriate character and is located to have their own fate that is completely different from that of other Chinese zodiac signs.

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funny notes about signs

Zodiac signs as trisha paytas videos


taurus: i′m a chicken nugget

gemini: i′m going insane

cancer: i met a boy online tonight he real?

leo: showtime

virgo: i′m an illusion

libra: a vampire is stalking me (not clickbait)

scorpio: let′s talk sociopaths...

sagittarius: i have a concussion right now

capricorn: anxiety + runny diarrhea

aquarius: let′s talk scientology

pisces: is something wrong with me?