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Friday - January28th, 2022
Jan 28, 2022 - Today is the best time to set important boundaries or make a new start in a close relationship. Being responsible to family or home may be on your mind. Make specific plans rather than just let things float. Hard work can turn out to be the most satisfying choice.

funny notes about signs

The signs as things my hammered friends say

Aries: I′m gonna go listen to EDM and masturbate
Taurus: but like, why take tests when you can like, learn?
Gemini: why would you NOT do every drug currently in Cuba?
Cancer: I′m gonna need a cake and 6 bottles of wine
Leo: I′m definitely gonna die but like it′ll be fine
Virgo: dolphins are the only people who really listen
Libra: anyone got a book on sexually socializing?
Scorpio: bananas. Just. bananas.
Capricorn: well butter me up and snort me like Coke
Aquarius: no guys it′s fine (she then fell down the stairs on a surfboard, dislocating her wrist)
Pisces: *walks into a beauty store* ANYONE GOT PIE?