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Saturday - August13th, 2022

funny notes about signs

Zodiac Signs as Sonic-For-Real-Justice quotes

Aries: You wanna know how many smug Sonic pics i have? F*ck you, that′s how many - Mod Sonic

Taures: They keep banning me and bringing me back - Mod Shadow

Gemini: Who made a Knowyourmeme page about us? Don′t make us into a meme! - Mod Amy

Cancer: I′m very saddened - Mod Tails

Leo: Amy, I don′t even watch mlp anymore - Mod Shadow

Virgo: I do what I want - Mod Sonic

Libra: Mod Sonic has a crush on Mod Sally, pass it on! - Mod Shadow

Scorpio: TAILS YOU F*CKIN LIAR I JUST WOKE UP!!!You just want the positive attention from everyone to make me look like an idiot! - Mod Amy

Sagittarius: ...i don′t even know what tucute means! - Mod Tikal

Capricorn: I′m not even actually emo - Mod Shadow

Aquarius: Shut the f*ck up - Mod Shadow

Pisces: Why does everyone hate me? - Mod Amy