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Friday - January28th, 2022
Jan 28, 2022 - You have so many interests and distractions that occasionally you risk being accused of shallowness or insincerity. Be sure you're in close communication with anyone who relies on you. This is a lucky day for meals with friends, if possible, or going out to do anything you most enjoy.

funny notes about signs

The signs and who kills them

Aries: a gemini, possibility in cahoots with a scorpio
Taurus: a scorpio
Gemini: immortal
Cancer: a capricorn
Leo: a capricorn
Virgo: an aquarius
Libra: a capricorn
Scorpio: a libra
Sagittarius: a capricorn
Capricorn: cannot be killed
Aquarius: a virgo
Pisces: an aquarius