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Friday - January28th, 2022
Jan 28, 2022 - You will enjoy a great deal of support for what you do today. Make lists and talk about your interests. Get as much done early as you can. Friends or family can send you in unexpected directions. Party and social invitations for future events could be flying. Let friendship take priority.

funny notes about signs

The signs as out of context quotes from my teachers/professors

ARIES: I said you could chew gum, but not if you′re going to chew it like a cow. SPIT IT OUT.

TAURUS: I′m losing faith in you, George.

GEMINI: *sings* Bitching and moaning, bitching and moaning.

CANCER: I′m supposed to go out and PROCURE cookies?? WHAT??


VIRGO: Here′s a very common quick and dirty way to ask a multiple choice question.

LIBRA: I don′t care about 98% of things.

SCORPIO: This meme from the interwebs.

SAGITTARIUS: I would use all sorts of swear words in front of my students. Especially the f word! Love that one!

CAPRICORN: I should stop drinking before noon.

AQUARIUS: Oh dear god, that man is always shirtless!

PISCES: This is why I need aspirin after this group.